The Drug War in Mexico

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In Episode 7, we tackle our most requested topic yet. From the US Government selling weapons to the cartels to self-defence militias taking back their towns, we explore the complicated political landscape of Mexico’s drug war and how the ongoing violence affects everyday life.

This week, journalist Ann Deslandes also joins PPQ to share some of her reporting from the front lines of the conflict in Guerrero. Subscribe to ¿Pero Por Qué? to hear the full interview next week.


Mexico’s War on Drugs Failed (Foreign Policy)

News Corp’s reports on Mexican drug cartels don’t tell the full story (Crikey)

More Than Cartels: Counting Mexico’s Crime Rings (Crisis Group)

In Mexico, ‘The Cartels Do Not Exist’: A Q&A With Oswaldo Zavala (The Nation)

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Music by Chogo El Bandeño used under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons

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